NARS all the time luminous Weightless foundation ($48, offered in 20 shades)
NARS all the time luminous Weightless foundation costs $48, as well as with a $48 foundation, you essentially want that scene from When Harry satisfied Sally. Like, you want to feel that method when you utilize a $48 foundation, as well as then you want the woman next to you to say, “I’ll have the foundation she’s having.”

I mean, I wouldn’t really pretend to have a huge O in the middle of Sephora or anything, since hello! — we online in a digital age of smartphones as well as video, as well as understanding my luck, I’d blurt out “It feels like I’m barely using anything at all! Yes, yes, YES!!! It’s so natural looking on my skin!” inevitably, some pervert would be filming me, as well as it would get around on the Interwebz, as well as my mom would see it…


The method NARS explains this foundation, you’d believe you’re reading about the innovation of time travel in scientific American. With new “Even Tone Technology,” one drop/pump is expected to provide 16 hours of weightless, oil-free full coverage, as well as with long term use, it’s likewise expected to make skin tone appear much more even.

It’s an all-encompassing Jill-of-All-Trades foundation without SPF (meaning that it shouldn’t create a white cast in photos with a flash), as well as it’s offered in 20 shades.

So, exactly how well does it truly work?


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

Магазин сейчас

Очень хорошо. It’s not the CERN of foundations or anything, as well as the insurance claim to offer full protection from a single pump seems like a stretch to me, however you can develop it up for much more protection (with a caveat, which I’ll get to in a minute).

I’d state it has one foot in the medium-coverage pool, as well as the other foot in the full-coverage pool. Of course, “full coverage” is available to interpretation, as well as one person’s full protection is one more person’s medium. My meaning may be skewed by Laura Mercier’s perfect Fluide, one decrease of which covers every. Одинокий. thing on my face.

One pump of NARS all the time luminous Weightless foundation gets rid of any type of redness around my nose, cheeks as well as forehead while unifying the skin tone around my face, however I still have to do some area concealing on the freckles around my eyes, as well as I can still see the patch of skin above my upper lip that appears gray on video camera unless it’s completely covered.

You can develop the foundation up for fuller protection by utilizing much more product, however then that interferes with its natural-looking mojo…

Being a curious kitty with an inquisitive nature, I’ve evaluated this in a number of methods — atop one primer, atop two primers (which is what I typically finish with Laura’a perfect Fluide), by itself, with a powder on top, used with my fingers, used with a Beautyblender, used with a foundation brush, as well as at the end of the day, the easiest method works best. just the product all by itself used with fingers on bare skin (well, bare skin prepped with my skin care). Вот и все.

Before NARS all the time luminous Weightless foundation in Stromboli…

Before applying NARS all the time luminous Weightless foundation in Stromboli

After NARS all the time luminous Weightless foundation in Stromboli…

And after applying Stromboli
NARS likewise makes some other liquid foundations, like sheer Matte foundation (which I haven’t tried), sheer glow (which is the one that everybody seems to love, however I’m not as well crazy about since it appears like a hot mess on me as well as settles into my pores) as well as Pure Radiant tinted Moisturizer, which, while technically not a foundation, I believe of as a liquid foundation because of its high protection (although it’s somewhat lower protection than all the time Luminous).

For me, placed together with all of those, all the time luminous Weightless foundation is available in a close second to Pure Radiant, however I believe both are great.

With a lightweight formula, great coverage, outstanding wear time as well as a velvety surface (it’s not full-on matte), I likewise believe NARS all the time luminous Weightless foundation stacks up well against things like Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua as well as Giorgio Armani luminous Silk.

Now, for the pink/yellow elephant in the room…does it have a great deal of yellow in it?

Yes, it has some, as well as it’s quite apparent in these “before” as well as after pics. I’m using Stromboli, the shade that many carefully matches my neck.

In the “before” pic, see exactly how my deal with as well as neck are two different colors? That’s since I’m a huge fan of exfoliating products (keeps the pimples away, yo!), so my deal with has a great deal of pink in it, however the yellow takes over when I aPPLY Stromboli.

Я считаю, что без других приложений я люблю носить – бронзер, краснеть, чайница и, конечно, консилер, ни один из которых я использую в этих фотографиях – желтый-Несс заставляет меня выглядеть так, как я провел последний месяц в постели сочиняя эмо как песни.

Там что-то немного окажется с этим … Но с моим типичным бронзом, краснеть, а также корректирующее рутину, воздействие намного намного естественнее, а также лучше.


Нижняя линия, мне нравится 48 долларов нарс все время светящиеся невесомый фундамент, несмотря на это стоимость …

Ваш самый первый родился, а также ваш дух для ваших следующих трех жизней

Три котени, а также пухлый полосатый

Два единорога, а также горшок с золотом

Цена: 48 $
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